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'아머드사우르스' 제작사 스튜디오이온, 첫 기관 투자 유치 성공

'Armored Saurus' Producer Studio EON Secures First Institutional Investment


'아머드사우르스' 제작사 스튜디오이온, 첫 기관 투자 유치 성공
'Armored Saurus' Producer Studio EON Secures First Institutional Investment

스튜디오이온이 국내 기관투자자로부터 첫 투자 유치를 성공했다. 스튜디오이온은 대원미디어와 특수촬영(특촬) 기대작 '아머드사우르스'를 공동 제작한 VFX(시각특수효과) 전문 스튜디오다.

27일 IB(투자은행) 업계에 따르면 스튜디오이온은 투자 유치를 통해 60억원을 조달했다. 이번 투자에는 쿼드자산운용, 스케일업벤처스, 코나 벤처 파트너스, NH투자증권 등이 참여했다. 스튜디오이온 조달 받은 자금을 IP(지적재산권) 및 콘텐츠 개발에 집중할 예정이다.

2013년 설립된 스튜디오이온은 디즈니의 '소피아' 에피소드 제작에 이어 영실업의 '콩순이'의 컨셉트, 스토리 및 캐릭터 개발을 전담해 시즌3까지 연출했다. 국내 여아물 역대 최고의 히트작이다.

스튜디오이온 대표인 강대일 감독은 과거 워너브러더스채널에서 애니메이션 시청률 1위를 기록했던 '아이언 키드'와 전 세계 45개국 이상에 수출한 '디자인스톰' 등의 원작자이자 총감독이다.

스튜디오이온은 아머드사우르스를 통해 버츄얼프로덕션에 관한 독보적인 기술력을 보유하고 있음을 증명했다. 주로 게임개발에 사용되는 프로그램인 언리얼엔진을 영상제작에 도입했다. 실시간 랜더링을 통해 아머드사우르스 분량의 99% 이상을 로케이션이 없이 촬영했다.

스튜디오이온은 아머드사우르스 52부작을 버츄얼 프로덕션과 풀디지털 프로덕션으로만 1200분 분량의 영상을 완성했다. 스튜디오이온은 50명이 넘는 언리얼엔진 전문가를 자체 육성했다. 국내에서 유일하게 제작 전공정이 언리얼엔진을 중심으로 돌아가는 혁신적인 구조다.

회사는 이번 투자자금을 자체 IP개발과 연관 산업 진출에 집중할 예정이다. 현재는 영유아 버추얼 캐릭터의 메타버스 컨셉트 애니메이션과 게임 및 이머시브미디어에 최적화된 파격적인 스타일의 액션영상물 시리즈를 개발 및 제작 진행 중이다.


Studio EON has successfully attracted the first investment from a Korean institutional investor. Studio EON is a studio specializing in visual special effects (VFX) that co-produced the highly anticipated "Armard Sour" with Daewon Media. According to the IB (Investment Bank) industry on the 27th, Studio EON raised 6 billion won by attracting investment. Quad Asset Management, Scale-Up Ventures, Kona Venture Partners, and NH Investment & Securities participated in the investment. The company plans to focus on IP (intellectual property rights) and content development with the funds raised by Studio EON. Established in 2013, Studio On has produced episodes of Disney's "Sophia" and worked on developing concepts, storylines and characters for Young Industrial's "Kongsooni" until season 3. It is the biggest hit movie in Korea. Director Kang Dae-il, head of Studio EON, is the original and general director of "Iron Kid," which previously ranked first in animation ratings on the Warner Bros. channel, and "Design Storm," which has been exported to more than 45 countries around the world. Studio EON proved that it has unique technology for virtual production through Armored Sour. Unreal Engine, a program mainly used for game development, was introduced into video production. Through real-time rendering, more than 99% of the amount of Armored Sour was filmed without a location. Studio EON has completed a 1,200-minute video with only virtual and full-digital productions in its 52 episodes of Armored Sour. Studio EON has nurtured more than 50 Unreal Engine experts on its own. It is the only innovative structure in Korea where the entire production process revolves around the Unreal Engine. The company plans to focus this investment on developing its own IP and entering related industries. Currently, it is developing and producing an unconventional style of action video series optimized for metaverse concept animation and games and immersive media of infants and toddlers.